Demo Audio Tracks   &   Presentation Video



At weddings, guests vary in age from 2 to 90 - Therefore having a wide and varied music repertoire makes it 

easy for us to entertain EVERYBODY.  We play a wide variety of music, ranging from waltzes to jives

& Rock n Roll for the older folks to recent chart hits like Kylie, Enrique etc. for the younger gang... 

We even do an Irish Siege Of Ennis "It's great Fun & gets everyone dancing on the floor"

In our latest CD we included both video footage of us playing at a recent wedding and also 15 demo audio tracks.

The idea behind this CD is that you get to hear how we sound, but more importantly, 

you will also see the atmosphere we generate at weddings.

Our plan is really simple, basically we want to keep your guests dancing all night long.

   Audio Demos 

1. And I love You So  (1,242kb)

2. New York New York (1,082kb)

3. My Girl (773 kb)

4. Johnny Be Good (796kb)

 5. Suspicious Minds (774 kb)

 6. Great Balls Of Fire (416 kb)

7. Copacabana (999 kb)

8. Hard Days Night (615 kb) 

9. Hey Baby (743 kb

10. 500 Miles (820 kb)

11. Get Back (662 kb)

12. Rock n Roll Medley (961 kb)

13. The Walk Of Life (827 kb)

14. Waltz Selection 2 (1,189 kb)

15. Hero (704 kb) 


        Safe Bet Video       (Password needed)

This is a 15 minute video presentation of Safe Bet.  It shows the band playing live at a recent wedding.

We would suggest that you download this file to your PC and play it from there.  Simply right click the 'Safe Bet Video' and chose 'save target as'.  Save the file to your PC and play it from there.

** Click on the link to play the Video ONLY if you have a VERY FAST internet connection **


You will need a username & password to access this file.  Please    e-mail your details to  You will receive a password promptly. 



This is a very large file.  If you don't have a high-speed internet connection, please make contact and we can send a copy by mail.


If you have ANY difficulty playing or downloading the audio or video files, 

 please make contact with us and we will send out our CD to you in the mail.